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#1 Post by kermit » Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:22 pm


January 4, 2017

Forget fake news; the real issue is fake "hate.”

Has there been one (1) documented hate crime committed by white people against any hue in the Rainbow Coalition since Nov. 8? That's out of the 9,456,723 hate crimes alleged by America's leading hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The SPLC is to "hate" what Rolling Stone is to rape. It is the biggest peddler of fantasies since Walt Disney.

I've read through dozens of SPLC "hate crimes" and they are all lies. The Muslim girls in particular seem to be very spirited liars.

Since the election, there have been vivid stories from across the nation of Trump supporters tearing off Muslim girls' hijabs -- at the University of Michigan (since retracted), Louisiana State University (also retracted), San Diego State University (that too was retracted), the New York City subway (again: retracted), and the University of New Mexico (no witnesses, won't reveal attacker's name or report the incident for investigation).

The main take-away from all these stories is: We sure have taken in a lot of Muslims! They seem to have trouble assimilating to American laws about not committing mass murder, but the good news is, when it comes to America's culture of victimhood, they assimilate like fish to water!

This isn't mass psychogenic illness, like when cheerleaders at the same high school all develop tics. It's not even the Salem witch trials. At least the Salem witch-hunters believed in witches. The Muslim hoaxers are lying, and they know they're lying.

Otherwise, they'd leave the country.

If Muslims want to convince me that they're living in abject fear in Trump's America, instead of rushing to the media, somebody's got to leave.

I've heard endless stories about the reign of terror against Muslims, but have yet to hear of one single Muslim -- much less a wave of Muslims -- moving out of the United States.

It's not as if they get depressed at the thought of abandoning the old ancestral home, where their great-grandparents are buried. They just got here!

If any Muslim were at risk of so much as a dyspeptic look from white Americans, there's emigration as well as immigration.

But to the contrary, we can't keep them out! They get huffy and give indignant speeches at the Democratic National Convention at the suggestion of a mere pause in Muslim immigration.

The greatest fear of Muslims these days is that they won't be home when the "Today" show calls and will miss the opportunity to regale credulous hosts with stories about their victimization at the hands of white American men (whose great-grandparents are buried here).

The left has gone so insane that the SPLC, the main propagator of fake hate crimes, is the media's go-to expert on hate. SPLC spokesmen appear on TV and defame all the people they hate: whites, Christians, Trump supporters, cops, frat boys and so on.

The SPLC is like the cult awareness groups taken over by Scientologists. Terrified parents would call for help in rescuing their kids from Scientology and be told, No, Scientology is not a cult.

With the SPLC, the "hate watch" group is the hater. Unlike some toothless nobody claiming to be a member of the ALL-POWERFUL KU KLUX KLAN, the SPLC's slanders are instantly amplified by the media megaphone in somber interviews conducted by the most easily fooled people in the universe, American journalists.

Breitbart, Daily Caller and others have done a great job collecting the hoax hate crimes since the election, but we need a central clearinghouse to keep up with the volume.

How about someone found the Northern Poverty Law Center (NPLC), to document actual hate crimes and expose the hoaxes being spit out on an assembly line by the SPLC? Maybe the Koch brothers could get back in Trump's good graces by funding this much-needed service.

The soon-to-exist NPLC ought to be in the Rolodexes of every media organization, so they can stop reporting fake news and start covering the real hate crimes currently ignored by the press.

The only incidents of actual "hate" since the election have been entirely in one direction: against (mostly white) Trump supporters. This isn't surprising given the climate of hate being spread by the media.

As illustrated on the website of the NPLC (coming soon!), we aren't dealing with a Reichstag fire designed to generate hate toward white male Trump supporters. It's been Reichstag fire after Reichstag fire.

At this point, any claim of "hate" directed at Muslims, blacks, gays or Hispanics by Trump supporters should be treated as if it's a UFO sighting: presumed false, unless documented with irrefutable evidence.

But until the NPLC is up and running, here are some tips for journalists:

-- Real hate crimes do not begin with laughably implausible scenarios. Try to use a modicum of common sense.

-- They are almost always captured on videotape or at least are seen by actual witnesses who give statements to the police. Lachrymose accounts posted on Facebook do not constitute evidence.

-- They generally result in medical treatment and arrests.

The Trump Justice Department needs to create an office that will serve as a liaison with this new civil rights organization, the Northern Poverty Law Center. Because eradicating hate is Job No. 1!



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#2 Post by TitanNed » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:29 pm

"I've read through dozens of SPLC "hate crimes" and they are all lies."

I love that Ann continues doing this kind of due diligence.

I detect a new form of writing style as well.

Each point made in one single, easy to quote sentence. As if designed to be reposted on Twitter.

Makes sense now that our very soon to take over President has become "the Twitter President." The obvious advantage to that is everyone now knows these statements are coming directly from him and can't be distorted in any way by the biased media.

The fact remains that nobody blends humor and hard facts better than Ann Coulter.

Now with more singular, easy to read (and quote) sentences! :clap:

old man



#3 Post by old man » Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:22 pm

Gwynne Dryer (London political commentator)once noticed on a trolley several times the women in Hijabs and burkas had English accents . Fashion statement or hiding from the public eyes.

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#4 Post by Stephen50right » Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:29 pm

The worst hate and hypocrisy in America today comes from the left. Which has gotten progressively worse during the past eight years because of a US president who encourages the sort of behavior mentioned in the article.

These shenanigans will still occur after Trump is inaugurated. Perhaps even increase for awhile. However once Trump settles in, and begins to make America great again, the societal agitators will be mostly ignored, except when they file legal action.

Certainly much of the reason for these shenanigans is about the money. They want to sue and try to get themselves rich. Most hoping the defendant will just settle rather than go through the expense and publicity of a drawn out lawsuit.

Frivolous lawsuits need to stop, and that goal can be achieved with tort reform in which the losing plaintiff and the losing plaintiff's lawyer, is by law forced to pay the legal bills of the winning defendant.

When some woman wearing a hijab, knows that no lawyer is going to take her phony case because that lawyer, under new tort reform laws doesn't want to go broke, then she will basically have no monetary incentive to spew vicious lies. Some women may still do it anyway, and perhaps criminal charges could then be filed against them, with deportation on the table.




#5 Post by TJAndersen » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:30 am

I appreciate Ann's illuminating the subversiveness of the SPLC. I would suggest the problem is more serious and goes much deeper than the SPLC. I discovered CAIR and a dozen affiliated Muslim organizations with various acronymns are operating in the US as a 5th column.
I only recently watched two years ago an older Ridley Scott movie-Kingdom of Heaven(20050. I was struck with the anti-Christian and pro-muslim tone to the film. I was shocked by this and felt compelled to due research. I discovered that during the filming, Scott received bomb threats by Muslims. Scott was forced to rewrite the movie script. CAIR was involved and was given a prescreening for its seal of approval. I have since discovered that CAIR and a dozen confederate Muslim groups with various acronymns are operating as a 5th columns in the US. I do not know if I am allowed but I am posting two websites about Kingdon of Heaven being a propaganda film and another about CAIR's crusade on Hollywood. These sites are rich in content about the intidmation and threats perpetrated by CAIR. Following are the two sites:

http://www.investigativeproject.org/210 ... od-crusade#




#6 Post by NotMyRealName » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:57 pm

Ann's latest editorial was spot on. Particularly this part:
But until the NPLC is up and running, here are some tips for journalists:

-- Real hate crimes do not begin with laughably implausible scenarios. Try to use a modicum of common sense.

-- They are almost always captured on videotape or at least are seen by actual witnesses who give statements to the police. Lachrymose accounts posted on Facebook do not constitute evidence.
Perfect example, the Wichita Eagle ran this story alleging a series of Trump-related hate crimes the day after the election. Area women report hate speech, groping after election

The most preposterous of the three stories is this:
A little after 7 a.m. the day after the election, a 54-year-old woman stopped for coffee at a convenience store in a suburb of Wichita. And this is what happened, she says.

A large man, probably in his 50s, maybe 325 pounds, 6-fout-4, stood by a car on the edge of the sidewalk outside the store. She is small, about 5-foot-4, 125 pounds. As she walked by him, she said "He grabbed me by my breast."

She pushed back, and "he lost balance and fell down."

"I was terrified," she said.

Still, she couldn't help looking down at him and asking. "What gave you the right to do that?"

She said he replied something like: "If a man like Donald Trump can do whatever he wants to women and still get elected president, it must be OK." The man said a lot of women voted for Trump, and he said it was time for men to take their "rightful place in society."

The woman said she met with police the next day and filed a police report.
That last sentence got me thinking. She said she filed a police report, the incident happened at a gas station, assault was alleged, so surely the police would obtain the surveillance video and easily confirm or deny that the incident happened. But I saw no follow up to the story. So I emailed the reporter to ask which the police department the woman filed the report with, and whether they were reviewing the incident and if he planned to do a follow up story.

To my surprise, the reporter called me back a few days later. He told me that after my inquiry, he reached out to the "victim" to ask where she had filed the police report, and she refused to tell him. I asked whether this meant he would issue a retraction. "No," he told me. He didn't believe that this indicated the woman was lying. Besides, he said, "I think we have a responsibility to report these sort of stories - what if they are true?" Now that is an interesting standard of journalism! These people will suspend all skepticism and journalistic integrity if the story fits the narrative.




#7 Post by Anon » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:55 am

Can Congress or any member of it, or Ann Coulter herself explain why Congress changed the law in 2012 to allow black propaganda attacks to be used AGAINST the American people, tearing down a law forbidding it in the process? Is it possible that the whole fake news and Russia hacked the election stuff is just black propaganda being used against the people and how can the people know, if such propaganda is now legal? Why would Congress empower the American security services and media to lie openly to the people? How is this move not treason? Where are the questions from the oversight and reform committee. More here: https://www.occupycorporatism.com/how-t ... mericans/




#8 Post by Guest » Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:22 pm

Media should focus on "Love Crimes"! Americans who Love Muslims for their "Hateful Religion & Manner" forgiving there trespasses before expulsion!!!

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#9 Post by Jugo » Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:31 am

It's all about the balance. It was the usa who joined in and took sides in destruction of Jugoslavija, in early 1990's, siding with muslims in Bosnia first (but after arming illegal rebels in Slovenia and Hrvatska, and actively participating on behalf of Hrvatska illegal rebels - sworn nazis by the way, as we have seen from the start of the war), then in Kosovo, supporting albanian immigrants who have, never had and never will have, no right to claim Kosovo as "their" land whatsoever.

Now muslims are swamping usa like there's no tomorrow, using juden tactics: attack (verbally and physically, if an opportunity present itself) and scream "shame"until their lungs collapse.

While I love everything A. Coulter writes, we need to remember that karma is a bitch and it does come back to bite you by the backside.

After all, you are exposing it yourselves. usa is a nazist colony, where ironically the leaders are juden nazis.

For an astute reader of historical journals that is not a source of any confusion. juden had invented nazism. They are the best nazists ever.

(have you noticed how they are using the word - and forming a public opinion thus - "fascism", not nazism, when accusing Germans, and anyone else on their way, of whatever it is they dislike?

Ask yourselves why is that. In the meantime, I'll conclude this post by reminding you - karma is a bitch and it is now biting your own backsides for being stupid tools in juden hands for so long.

What is it that Ford had said about juden and their influence, back in 1910's????

He said it very nicely.

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#10 Post by chulcoop » Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:29 am

Well I came across someone on Skype that claimed to be a Muslim that left America to move to Pakistan to teach English. I even spoke to her via Skype.

Of course as she isn't famous you will never hear about her.

Some people will leave America and move to nations where they are not hated or resented for being a Muslim.

It is just that because they are not famous you will not hear about it.

Just like you won't hear about every single Muslim that moved to America, only those that are famous or infamous.

And what about this?

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world ... 67696.html

Indeed you will also find, if you look hard enough, people that have left America and moved to other countries because they don't like America.

Not all Americans are proud to be an American. Some would rather live elsewhere.

Not everyone likes the thought of being shot to death by a cop because they had a minor traffic violation.

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