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#36 Post by SuperDave » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:10 pm

Maelstrom wrote:
Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:00 am
To: SuperDave

I do not believe any man who's heart is willing to love God can read Ellen Whites 5 main books and not be broken for the Lord....the true spirit of God's character is so Obvious in Her and Her work that none who study it with a open mind can miss it!

Unfortunately many in my church claim to follow her but really do not read her work into their hearts...or do not read her at all!
It is sad today to see her words so miss-quoted and miss-used!
As a preachers son I have seen and heard it all...good and bad, petty and Noble, Too! often God gets lost in the Human stuff, I can not claim total innocence on this, but I have been to Hell an d back more than once and have my own scares from life to struggle with!
Life is messy...and being Baptized...is nothing more than Dorthy taking the first step on the yellow brick road to finding Gods will...one should note...only one Enoch in all of earths history ever achieved True Sainthood in this life...three I guess if you count Elijah? and Moses?

In my view real Hypocrates are those who mock others who try and fail when they themselves do not even try to fight the good fight!
I am not saying you are one...just making a life observation!

And yes I have more or less full Atomic and Sub-Atomic structure on Angels wings... Z.M. Fields I am not trying to sell it to other countries because I already know prophetically I will fail...it is suicide for me to try to break the prophecy!
It also is suicide for another country to try to break it...God's prophecies are not foreseen they are issued and Enforced with a Iron hand...in Divine combat with Lucifer!
See King Cyrus...to find the Holy marker on this!
The other is in Revelation...see the text following the Lamb like beast with two horns... my stolen space weapon gets fired on earth by the Anti-Christ!

Sigh! :( Maelstrom...I do not believe I will ever get to see or touch my best work in this life... this is most cruel...How I want to see its soft white blue glowing fields..with smoking cold air flowing down off of it with little snowflakes...and the crackling bits of static lightning webbing the orbs pearl like surface...to never see this is a bitter blow...worse than losing the money or fame!
For this I will remember you cruel evil men as long as I live...we will likely never meet in battle in this life...but you will pay the ultimate price for your sins sooner or later...it makes zero difference to me if I get you with the Russians or Gods Holy Army...in my universe they are both as real as the chair I am sitting on...Ezekial ch. 1 verses 21 on and Zion Oh! you can also maybe find just how close heaven is...anyone want to take a crack at how long it takes a small Zero Mass Field space ship to accelerate and decelerate to Orion back?
Hmm...two hours...minus some talking time and entering and exiting 2 Atmospheres?
Oh! also millions of water vapor trails leading like a arrow strait to Gods Throne...NASA may have spotted activity around Gods throne already?
What are the odds their Atheist scientists will ever tell us that?...? 0

One stop End Time shop...Maelstrom...what are the odds one autistic fool would End up with all this on his own?

You know in the End if God wants it I can reach out into your hearts and minds and release even the Angels of Death in your own hands not just my own...Jerusalem is going to have its sky turn dark with their wings...there is no escape!
You should have listened to my years of pleadings....I did not want this!
I am going to break you for the Lord even if it take a decade or two...and makes me poor!
If you wont take your Messiah back...I will drop him on your heads!

...Maelstrom :( try me!..see just how not real I am!...G-d willing!
Sorry Maelware. . . I don't need some twisted visionary's books to tell me what is already in the only book ANYONE should read. . . THE BIBLE. . . you should try it sometime. Then ask GOD to heal your sick mind. You might be in for a surprise.




#37 Post by Maelstrom » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:36 am

That is your option Superdave...I made it clear I was not attacking you in the last post...so your response is not very gracious ... but not unexpected it would seem?




#38 Post by maelstrom » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:27 am

Maelstrom...I have been thinking!
The Press has Declared a all out War on me...they are now hitting me with very large carefully crafted Fake News stories now just to cause me personal damage in my personal life...some collusion with the NSA seems evident as some of the information used only could be sourced from them or maybe the Russians?
In theory I should be far too small a blogger to be worth this much effort?...so some one with Deep pockets is fueling the counter attack...I am not convinced the NSA or CIA care this much, the Russian's may wish to spook me into moving but have to walk a fine line on not getting caught marking me up too bad?
That leaves the Deep State area 51 boys and the Global Warming Press Mafia?

There isn't much hope on my emptying the government Area 51 Defense Mafia out at this point...it would seem I have lost that war?

That also means I can't raise a real prosecution of the Big Business crooks I am fighting as they have the government prosecutors under their control most likely?

The Global Warming Atheist Fake Science to kill off God Empire will never surrender...so there isn't much to be done there short of raising a potential Religious revolution to put the Fear of God literally in to the Government halls so bad there is a general purge of all Atheist scientists from the Government and schools!
But that requires mobilizing with Press the All the people in America who love God Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Lutheran's, Jews, and Muslims etcetera! And we already know from the Bought off Media shutdown on the demonstrations against the 1% corrupt Bank and Wall-Street guys how that will go! :(

That brings us to the weakest link in the corruption Empire (the News Media) a sustained American popular revolt against them can cost them billions. They are the only leg in the corruption Empire we can easily saw off!...to break the corruption Empire controlling America!

Maelstrom sweetly suggests if there are any Americans left who wish to save our children from Atheist Science Brain Washing Lies...and wish our country not to be held captive by large corrupt Business Empires. Then we should start Marching against our TV stations and Big newspapers on Holiday weekends...like Thanksgiving, and Christmas,, or New years Eve!

Maybe the Media can shut down when we march against corruption in Washington...but why not test them to see how they do when their own TV stations are under siege for taking bribes $ to poison our children's minds with Atheist Science Lies...and to help Evil Big business fraud Mafia's steal billions of our hard earned tax dollars day after day...and don't forget all our savings accounts they are slowly wiping out with over printing money for themselves too!

If we break the Big Business Media Fraud Propaganda Press $ machine...maybe we can fix America a little?
Are the any Holy Lions who want to go down and Roar to save America for God this Thanksgiving Christmas and New years Eve?


Maelstrom :D

Copy this post and spread the word please...Go Roar against the Darkness Holy Lions...shake the world for God!




#39 Post by maelstrom » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:03 pm

https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2017/10 ... 507633234/
I wonder if the house magically spared were of my church people?
I had a most powerful Holy dream showing me a well known Evangelist from that area, He climbed the very hill to our college there and raised a clovis point spear up to the blazing sun...every detail was perfect!
The thing that troubled me was as I climbed the hill behind him slowly struggling step by step my left hand on Ellen Whites White rope...he kept kicking all the fruits of my work (Souls) loose, leaving me to struggle to catch them, and save them, as best as I could with just one hand!
This dream haunts me endlessly!

This man saved my soul...and yet we seem destined to war for the churches soul...how can this be?...to me he seems to be a most Holy man?
I can not reconcile this dream reading...I hope there is another meaning I have missed?

And yet all communications from me have been shunned from all people in that sector?
It is most puzzling to me...it seems to move this direction..why?

Why am I shown so many Holy dreams converging on this area?
What sad future comes?

Sigh! it will take me years to prepare to do Holy Battle for my churches soul I am a untrained preachers son...to go up against loved, and mighty theologians, when I am unknown, or hated will not be easy at all...but I do know the way!
I see the perfect path to the harvest...my compass is locked in the middle narrow difficult path, neither to the left, nor right, pointed strait at the gates of Zion!
This was the path I wanted to teach Israel...the center...centered on Gods heart is the path to Zion!
Everything else will lead one astray focus on the heart of GOd and everything else will fall in place with time.
...one has to sometimes have faith in God and the Holy Spirit to finish fixing people for us...our duty is to help get people started in their journey towards God, but we can not walk it for them, God and the Holy Spirit will provide for them as needed if their hearts are right!

I do know the church like the back of my hand, and I have seen every error, and every trap, on both sides as my father fought them!
He was always given the worst, most troubled, churches to fix...it was very hard on him!...I understand what needs to be done!

Oh! :) my grandmothers old house is just acrossed the Valley from the college, Ellen Whites house is somewhere near by below I think?...my memory is faint...I haven't been there since I was a little boy!

I have seen my self in a Dream down there at another church campground...one I have never been to...but I am told is there. It has rown shady dirt hills in some kind of tall pine forest, little wooden cabins, and camping spots...little gullies canyons in the dark brown dirt hills...never have I been there!
Life is so strange!...I am shown so much and yet left to thrash about in the dark by God in front of everyone!
Perhaps it is his way of teaching me to be more humble? and trust him more?

I guess we will just have to wait and see how this story unfolds?

The dreams roll in like a Black Tide now...coming true one after another but rarely how I expected them to...Sigh! :(

They do little to help me other than show God has not forgotten me! :(

Goodby! Fair little UK you leave right on time as the Red Haired Ladies Dreams said... I wonder if...the Fat Kangaroo in the double dream of the Burning tower in London will bring me good fortune someday?
It is clear to me now the Lady in the next dream right after those was Ellen White... we both sat in the back of my old churches school cafeteria, and a voice said the word (Exiled).
So I am to be consigned to exile like Ellen White was when the church in America drove her out to Australia!
God shows me this has a kindness...he knows it will break my heart...I expect this includes my science work as well...the Atheists will win and I will receive nothing but suffering, and persecution from my government!
But I am promised a Double portion some day from their plates Church? and Government??...maybe not the government?

So the strange story goes...it is much harder for me to live...than it is for you all to read it! :( ....Maelstrom




#40 Post by maelstrom » Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:21 am

I am asking Holy Lions in America
To step forward one Last Time!
One Last Battle!
To Hold the Line against the Night!

I can not hold them off forever!
When I fall...everyone falls!
When the Sky Dragon II Flies!
Earth Dies!

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