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#1 Post by Kevin » Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:11 pm

July 26, 2017
"Ann Coulter" wrote: As soon as the story broke about the Somali cop fatally shooting the pretty white Australian girl in Minneapolis, one of my Muslim fans emailed me a story:

"Re: Hunting in Kuwait as explanation why this Noor guy shot through the car

"I remember being in Kuwait with the president of the investment bank I worked for. We were invited by one of our directors to hunt turtle doves. There were five of us in all and each had a 12-gauge shotgun.

"Instructions were: Only shoot straight and up; shotgun point in air resting on shoulders when not being used. That's it. I was on the far left, and the fellow on the other end was a Syrian.

"Well, we were out there and no straggling turtle doves were migrating. A half-hour later, not one shot was fired. Then, two birds from a tree ahead darted out, between me and the houses on my left.

"We all looked, but the Syrian turned toward us and began shooting over our heads at the birds. The rest of us hit the ground. Even though our host took his gun away, I gave them mine and went back because, if there is a way to overreact, the Syrian would think it is natural and can't even consider the consequences.

"You cannot place these people in a position of authority (for example with a gun in their hands). They will always shoot as a default reaction to anything that is instant. Neither training nor thinking can change their natures.

"And that is why he shot. He had a gun."

Since then, we've found out that this is exactly why Officer Mohamed Noor shot the gentle yoga instructor walking toward the police car. He heard a loud noise -- or as Powerline blog is calling it, "The Loud Noise Heard 'Round the World."

Noor shot from the passenger seat, killing Justine Damond, according to his partner, sitting at the wheel, who is presumably now deaf. Damond had called 911 to report what sounded like a rape in the alley behind her house, and was approaching the responding police car when she was shot.

As usually happens when Muslims attack, the press is consumed with worry about their mental state and well-being.

Sample Headlines:

Somalis on edge after Minneapolis cop named in fatal shooting -- The Daily Herald (Everett, Washington), July 18, 2017

Somalis in Minneapolis on defensive after police shooting -- St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minnesota), July 21, 2017

Minneapolis shooting brings unwelcome attention to Somalis -- Associated Press, July 22, 2017

There are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world, amounting to a quarter of the world's population, controlling 50 countries. The English-speaking world is about a fifth that size and constitutes a dwindling majority in about a half-dozen countries. But, somehow, no matter how the story is written, Muslims always get to play the victim, and Anglo-Saxons are cast as the aggressors.

That's why a Somali cop's fatal shooting of a pajama-clad Good Samaritan has gone directly into the "Be Nice to Muslims!" file, rather than the "Why Are All These Somalis Here?" file. (Answer: Because of an earlier mistake with excessive Scandinavian immigration.)

I can't help noticing that it was precisely the "Be Nice to Muslims!" dictate that put this Somali nincompoop on the police force in the first place.

Among Noor's evident errors the night he killed Justine:

1) Shooting from the passenger seat, the bullet whizzing inches past his partner's face, through the driver's side window;

2) Not turning his bodycam on when responding to a 911 call;

3) Shooting to kill because he heard a loud noise;

4) Believing that white women in America pose a threat to a policeman.

A few of the Weather Underground ladies were accomplices to cop-killings, 40 years ago, but even they weren't lone white women cop-killers.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, women of any race committed about 10 percent of all murders from 1980 to 2008, and black people committed a majority of all murders. Other than a small child, it's difficult to think of a demographic that poses less of a threat to a policeman in America than a 40-year-old white woman.

Noor's African-American neighbor, Chris Miller, said he was shocked when he heard about Damond's shooting -- until he found out it was Noor. Miller told The Daily Telegraph (Australia) that his Somali neighbor was quick to anger and was always going off on women and children. "He is extremely nervous," Miller said, "a little jumpy ... he doesn't really respect women, the least thing you say to him can set him off."

Sounds perfect for a police officer!

May we see Officer Noor's cadet exam? His training reports? Does anyone believe there is the slightest possibility that Noor was not rushed through the Police Academy so that the nice people of Minneapolis could feel good about themselves for having a real Somali on the police force?

Minnesota's importation of these stone-age people is a completely self-inflicted wound. It's as if the state decided to inject itself with Hepatitis C. Hey, you know what? We're too white and pure. Everyone tie a vein off and give yourself a shot of hep C. We could learn from that!

With Somalis, you get all the social pathologies of Muslims and the American underclass rolled into one package. There's the terrorism and pederasty -- but also the criminality and joblessness!

At least with taxpayer-draining Mexican illegals, you can say, yes, but they provide the rich with such cheap labor! Someone, somewhere in America, gets a benefit. There is absolutely no benefit to the more than 100,000 Somalis brought in by Minnesota, except to feed the Scandinavian ethnomasochism, expressed as arrogant self-regard.

Gosh, they're good people. R.I.P. Justine.




#2 Post by PatentBlynn » Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:36 pm

Ms. Coulter is an excellent writer and her latest article touches on significant points, but some of these points seemed to be drowned out with the inclusion of needless and unhelpful rhetoric.

Siskel & Ebert



#3 Post by Siskel & Ebert » Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:56 pm

I disagree with the above post .

Agree with the part about Ms Coulter's crusading journalism .

The trash talking is part of the game .

Highlights the absurdities of opposing arguments .

Besides , she is the Clint Eastwood of punditry .

Mr Eastwood correctly surmised we paid to see Dirty Harry in any movie he was in , no matter the character's name .

Same holds true here .

Thank 4 Trying



#4 Post by Thank 4 Trying » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:57 pm

Threre is a difference between doing a job and answering a calling .

Many talking heads just regurgitate talking points , and any fool with any sense in any job does what they think they are supposed
to do , or say what the boss wants to hear .

Ms Coulter is doing what is right and not backing down , in fact doubling down .

The media should have taken this burden off her back long ago , presented the facts , and let us plebes decide for ourselves what should happen .

At least our founding fathers wanted it that way .

I don't know for fact , but I am sure Ms Coulter has suffered damage to income and reputation because of mainstream media
malfeasance .

Nobody's perfect , but I would like to thank Ms Coulter for alerting us , however dicey and uncomfortable and / or inappropriate,
to what I consider the greatest acts of treason ever committed on American shores .

Critics may not get it now , but guaranteed future generations will look back at us and wonder ,

" What were you thinking ? "




#5 Post by zaitzeff2 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:14 am

In 2014 the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an article saying that psychological screening was frustrating the police department because it was excluding too many blacks and other minorities, who then brought a complaint against the city and the police department, for the use of an allegedly discriminatory psychological screening procedure.

The result was the city and the department backed off their psychological screening and reinstated 42 minority police potential recruits into the list of "eligible recruits" and the city also indicated they were backing off of some more usual police criteria about credit scoring and misdemeanor offenses.

So, if you back off your psychological screening in order to practice extra-favorable hiring and promoting practices to advantage Somali Muslims . . .

what kind of officers do you expect to have?

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#6 Post by duanej » Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:41 am

Re: Kevins post about Noor and Somalis in Minneapolis....One very big thing missing is that in order for Minneapolis to remain a democrat stronghold, they needed votes...i.e. voters and they imported thousands just in time to Get Al Franken elected over his Republican opponent....of course no one checked to see how many of the votes were cast legally...didn't matter. Franken got in and Minneapolis now as a "Little Somalia" near the U of Mn.

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#7 Post by chulcoop » Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:08 am

Meanwhile, here in Britain we are celebrating a Somalialand born runner that moved to Britain when he was young.

He was given a knighthood for running very fast and winning numerous gold medals throughout his career, including in the Olympics representing us.

I am not aware of him actually having killed anyone, but then again, it isn't easy for normal citizens to get a gun in Britain and most of our cops don't carry firearms.

This is the Somaliland born Brit I am referring to:



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