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Forum Rules


#1 Post by Aliquis » Sat Oct 28, 2006 6:47 pm

This is the official forum for Ann Coulter. To remain a member in good standing on this forum requires adherence to the following rules, which are applied at the discretion of our Moderator and Administrator team. Their decisions are final.

>>>ATTENTION NEW REGISTRANTS: Due to the large volume of membership requests we receive from certain free-mail accounts, Registrations with free e-mail accounts (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, AOL ) will now be accepted. For reasons beyond our control HOTMAIL accounts were not accepted. Hotmail has now resolved the issue, and those email accounts can be processed again. <<<

Forum Rules:
  1. Ann Coulter is our hostess. You may agree or disagree with her positions, but any disrespect towards Ann will be grounds for immediate removal.
  2. Debate must be honest and fair.
  3. Questions and feedback about forum moderation are always welcome, but are to be conducted via private message. If Aministrators determine the issue Could and/or should be discussed on the open forum, that option will be offered.
  4. Overtly obscene, vulgar, or threatening posts will not be tolerated. This includes nudity and/or displays of an overly sexual nature. Videos and links to material of questionable taste must be labeled as NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Two emoticons are also available :NSFW1: or :NSFW2: for your convenience.
  5. No signatures.
  6. Thread titles for topics started in the "Headline News" Forum must clearly state the subject matter of the thread you're starting. Starting a thread in the "Headline News" forum requires a link or other citation.
  7. When referencing an article, the article text must be included in the Original Post (OP).THIS APPLIES TO ALL FORUMS! No "link only" posts.
  8. NO "Link Only" Posts. (This one was worth repeating as its own rule.)
  9. Threads/Topics may be moved to the correct or more appropriate forum at any time without notice to the OP. Any questions should be directed to an Administrator.
  10. One account per user. Duplicate accounts will be deleted and original accounts are subject to permanent suspension.
  11. All posts and accounts remain the property of Ann Coulter Official Chat. We will not delete your membership and/or posts by request.
  12. Any inappropriate behavior may be cause for warning or removal.
  13. Use good judgment when posting, and you should have a long and enjoyable stay here.

Please note, each of those rules was created for a specific reason/(s) and not just for the sake of creating a rule. Overall, they were created to promote discussion, posting, interest and flow while minimizing disruption, inconvenience and corrupt threads.

Since links get broken, stories and web pages get moved, text is required to preserve the integrity of the thread. If something happens to the original, the copy is on file in the OP.

Creative, unclear titles will not be permitted for News reports in the "Headline News" Forum. The reader should not need to open topic or click to a separate page to determine the nature or issue of the thread.

Likewise, "link only" posts will not be permitted in any forum. Since the goal is to promote comments and discussion, links should have comments and/or text.

Thank you for your cooperation!

We welcome input, suggestions and requests! Please contact your local Administrator or Moderator if you have any questions. We are Admin, and we are here to help! :wave:

Updated October 17, 2017

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Re: Forum Rules


#2 Post by Og » Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:08 pm

Okay, listen up.

We've revised the rules a bit, or summarized 'em, for simplification. Here's the new set:

1. No whining. No blood, no foul. Whiners play alone.

2. Don't like how it's being run? Send a PM to a mod or admin. No public whining.

3. Don't be gross, obscene, grossly obscene, or plain nasty.

4. Don't argue with the moderators and administrators about their decisions.

5. When a moderator posts in the forum, they are a poster just like you. When a moderator sends a PM, answer it and do what they tell you.

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Re: Forum Rules


#3 Post by ToddWB » Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:07 pm

Todd's rules:

Here're my rules

ditto on Og's rules and

I do official warnings for three things 1. Complaint against Admin on open forum. 2. Copy write infringement, it's a legal liability issue and also the best way to deal with the cut and paste trolls. 3. Stating or implying criminals acts, again, a legal liability for the site itself. The one exception: those that admit it on the forum.

Bans...you can be banned for one thing..well two, but no one will ever see two, which is insulting Ann.. you can criticize her, she's a big girl, and IMHO she needs it and may never get it anywhere else (if she even reads the forum).
The one thing that will get you banned is stalking..... in PMs, other threads, other sites, the real world (which very well could illicit a real world response from the site). Once someone breaks off discourse (puts you on "foe or "ignore" for example) that's it, leave them alone.

We're big boys and girls here, most everyone is somewhat accomplished in one manner or another, and they have the egos to go with it.. and like any good friends.. arguments will breakout (in fact, you leave two conservatives in a room for long, and a heated debate will break out LOL... damn independent thinking cons! It's like herding cats!)


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